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本文摘要:A bizarre drone designed to take the hassle out of walking your dog is being advertised by an online retailer.一家线上零售商公布了一则广告,宣传一款可以老大人遛狗的奇特无人机。

A bizarre drone designed to take the hassle out of walking your dog is being advertised by an online retailer.一家线上零售商公布了一则广告,宣传一款可以老大人遛狗的奇特无人机。Drones Direct say that they have modified a popular automated aerial vehicle to allow owners to take their pet for a stroll completely hands free.“无人机指挥官”公司回应他们改装成了一款风行的无人机,可以让狗主人在遛狗时几乎和平双手。The device uses GPS to lead dogs along a programmed route.这款无人机运用GPS定位系统沿着设置好的路线引导小狗。Their DJI Phantom 4 Dog Drone, which the firm insists is a genuine product, costs twice the price of the regular model at £1,999.这家公司回应,大疆幻影4遛狗无人机是一款可信产品,售价是标准版的两倍,为1999英镑(17132元人民币)。


Drones Direct say that the gadget will allow owners to text or sit on a park bench whilst keeping an eye on their pets on their daily walk.公司回应,这款无人机可以让狗主人在每天遛狗时一旁看著小狗,一旁发短信或者躺在公园的长椅上睡觉。Owners simply set the desired walking route via their smartphone and set off, with the drone following a set GPS route and returning home on its own.使用者只必须通过智能手机设置一条遛狗路线再启动无人机,无人机就不会沿着GPS定位的路线遛狗,最后再行将狗送回家中。The company claim to have installed built-in collision avoidance and an automated altitude ability, to ensure the flying Dog Drone can navigate obstacles.这家公司说道机器中有内置拐弯系统和自动控制高度系统,可以让遛狗无人机避免障碍物。Mark Kelly, marketing manager at the site, said: Following the success of our Cat Drone, we didnt feel it was fair to forget our canine friends.“网站的市场销售经理马克?凯利说道:“时隔我们的小猫无人机的顺利之后,我们实在记得小狗朋友很不公平。

”The launch of the innovative Dog Drone is a great alternative for pet owners who lead busy lives by giving the option of hands-free walking.“这款新型遛狗无人机对那些抽不出时间遛狗的人来说是绝佳自由选择,可以让他们在遛狗时和平双手。”This handy piece of tech means dogs have a companion by their side whilst getting the exercise and enjoying the fresh outdoor air they so desperately need on a daily basis.“这种便利的高科技产品意味著小狗身边可以多一个陪伴者,和它一起磨练,一起享用每天急需的新鲜户外空气。

”This is a one-of-a-kind canine companion, which we are delighted to offer to all dog lovers.“这是一个独一无二的小狗伙伴,我们很高兴需要把它获取给青睐小狗的人们。”There would seem to be a number of potential problems that could face the drone.然而这款无人机有可能还有一些潜在的问题。


Many dogs are likely to be scared of it and try to escape or attack it.很多小狗可能会惧怕这种机器,还会试着逃出它或者反击他。The drone is also unlikely to be able to accurately detect when your pet stops, which could mean it is dragged along unwillingly.这款无人机不太可能准确地感受到小狗暂停走路,这就意味著它可能会擅自拽着小狗向前走。Its illegal for a drone to go out of view, which means you will need to follow closely.让无人机离开了视线是违法的,这就必须人们紧跟着它。


While the drone itself can avoid obstacles, the lead could present a collision risk to other people and objects.虽然这款无人机可以逃离障碍物,但是小狗却有可能有撞到到人或物的危险性。The drone is not available online, so anyone interested in buying one will have to travel to a Huddersfield showroom.人们无法在网上购买这款无人机,感兴趣的人不能到坐落于哈德斯菲尔德的陈列室出售。